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Why Startups Need Gig Workers To Improve Their Operations?

In today’s growing economy and booming young entrepreneurs the number of startups are growing by the day. Along with severe competition, the other concern they are faced with is hiring staff for their companies. Recruiting the right employees plays a major role for any startups and it is definitely a matter of huge concerns.

The first concern is hiring itself is a long, expensive and tiresome process. It involves searching for the right candidate, sorting a selected few , conducting interviews and then hiring the selected candidate. This entire process requires time and a dedicated team to handle it .As a startup, you don’t have the time and funds needed to spend on this recruiting process. Lack of time doesn’t allow you to judge and recruit the right candidate.

The second concern is the hiring process requires a team to manage the entire process. Both before hiring, as well as managing the employees post recruitment. This requires a HR team, who have the knowledge and skills to do so. As a startup you don’t have a dedicated team to undertake the hiring process for you. You have to manage it all, which definitely can cause issues

The third concern is , you don’t have the experience to hire candidates. As a startup everything is new for you, and so is the process of hiring. If your looking for experienced professionals to be a part of your organisation, you will need to know how to hire them. Most of them have experience in their previous organisations, so in case you fall short of their expectations it will be a loss to you.

The next major concern is credibility and face value. As a startup you still have to establish yourself and need to find your foothold. When your hiring any employee, you don’t have a success history or a legacy to share. The employee needs to believe in your vision and have the same passion as you to make it work for you both. With not much of credibility from the past, you almost need to sell your idea to the candidate as you will be for any client or business proposal.

The other concern is today’s millennials, all want to work for big giants. With so much of competition amongst them, about placements, very few would prefer to work with a startup. Also retaining them is a bigger concern, as they will be always on the look out for giant companies to recruit them.

Also I think, as a startup the initial team that you work with, plays a key role towards which direction the company is heading towards. As a startup you will need self driven , flexible and motivated individuals. Also they must have the same goals as you do for the company on the whole. Recruiting such candidates is quite a task and yet it is a key factor for the company’s growth.

Hence I think, involving a recruiting company which can take care of all of these and have the required expertise and knowledge in recruiting, would save any startup the time, effort and money, which in turn would result in better productivity. One of staffing firm which helped a lots of companies in short time hiring is Feed My Pockets .

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