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Feasibility of having extra workers

Having anything extra in life, always makes us a little comfortable. So imagine a situation when you as a company have extra manpower – the biggest and most valuable resource for any organisation. But how feasible is having extra employees for an organisation? 

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.4)

Let’s consider the benefits first. In a fast paced retail industry, where customer satisfaction is key for any business to sustain, having extra employees always acts beneficiary for the organisation. There are certain peak season for every business, in those times handling all the customer needs, and dealing with all the business dealers can get very tricky. When you have extra workers, the work load can be divided and we can ensure on time delivery. Extra employees can help in manual work like packaging, delivery and stock management. 

Apart from the work extra employees can contribute to a lot of other important factors. During holiday seasons when a couple of employees avail their leaves, extra employees come to the rescue. They can complete the dedicated task, without causing any hindrance to the business. Also extra employees give a good and healthy competition to the existing employees. The extra employees, are always motivated and always perform well as they want to be considered for a permanent position. This helps them to be more focused and do their best. They are also very flexible and willing to take on any new tasks. They have no issues, putting in the extra hours required to complete a task. Also having extra employees gives .the existing employees a little relaxation, as they have someone to share the workload. 

On contrary to the above benefits, the problem with having extra employees is it’s not cost effective. The organisation will have to incur some amount of expenses to maintain these extra employees. Also they might not be tested to their true potential, due to the excess of employees. In a pressure situation, we cannot depend on them as they may or may not perform under pressure. 

Overall if we look at the feasibility of having extra employees, it is definitely more feasible to have extra employees. As we are all aware any resource in abundance does less damage than having a shortage of resources.

So when we have more feasibility of having extra workers, I think involving manpower and manpower services for hiring and managing is a better idea .FeedMyPockets which is a No.1 ‘On demand temporary staffing platform’ works closely in improving the supply chain of companies. Hence, I would prefer FeedMyPockets in hiring and managing temporary staff.


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