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Why Temporary Staffing?

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.5)

In today’s era, the main focus of any organisation is to increase their profit and be cash rich. One major reason where the company spends its funds is manpower. As we all know, the manpower is such a powerful tool, that no organisation can live without it. But the problem with manpower is, it’s highly expensive. Hence the best solution to this problem is having temporary staffing.

What is temporary staffing? As the name suggests it is having employees do the required job, as the need be and yet not being on the company’s payroll. So how does it work ? Temporary staffing is where employees are employed to complete a given task in a stipulated time period and they are compensated for the work they have done. In business language, the right term is trade. The employee trades their knowledge or skill and gets paid in return for the same. There is no room for exploitation by both parties. Hence its a win win situation for both.

Let’s consider the wide range of benefits that temporary staffing provides. If we look at it from the organisation perspective, the first benefit is cost reduction. When you have employees on your payroll, your entitled to pay them for the number of hours they spend at work, irrespective of the job being done or not. Secondly when you hire a full time employee, there are employee benefits that come with it. You need to compensate them with paid leaves, sick leaves, insurance , provident funds , government regulations etc . Thirdly, we all know every business has their peak and low seasons . Hence you need not worry about over staffing during the low season, or under staffing during the peak season. Fourthly, if you need to hire employees, you have a tried and tested resource and you can easily hire the best. Lastly, there are a lot of hidden costs that come with hiring employees, like the attendance tracking system, hr policy, employee recreation funds, maternity policies, travel allowances etc. All these can be straight away cut down with temporary staffing.

Now let’s consider, temporary staffing from the employee standpoint. We all know that when we take up something new, we are all excited and want to give it our best shot. This is what happens with temporary employee, they are appointed for a new task and hence they have the right mindset to perform to the best of their abilities. They cannot afford to neglect any task or take the company’s policies for granted . Routine makes us all bored and unhappy, with temporary employee there is no routine and hence they are happy. Happy people are more productive. Temporary employees have the right attitude, because they have to prove themselves , if they want to get compensated. Hence they always put their best. Also, they don’t feel suffocated in a particular environment. They have the freedom to do more in their space and time. This gives them the energy of performing better. Overall they are more happy and hence more productive and useful to their organisations.

Thus if we see temporary staffing is a win win situation for both the organisation and the employee’s too. It is what the future demands from both the standpoints. It’s a smarter solution to the same old problem.

FeedMyPockets which is a leading ‘tech driven on-demand temporary staffing platform’​ connects companies with pre screened deployable temporary workers for hourly, daily and seasonal patterns. I think to hire and manage temporary staff, FeedMyPockets is worth a try.


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