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Temp staff for short term projects

When any organisation hires full time employees, the focus is to have a long-term, positive outcome. The employee too wants to be a part of the organisation and contribute in any possible way. This is the ideal way and works economical for the company as well as rewarding for the employee. 

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.6)

If a company hires a full timer and assigns him a short duration project, it does not serve the key purpose for which the employee has been hired. A full timer employee needs to be paid his salary, dues and all other benefits irrespective of him/her working. A full timer employee is hired to be actively involved in the company’s growth, by assigning short term projects we are failing to achieve this. Also it is not cost effective at all. A short term project can be handled by hiring temporary staffs to complete the project. Once the project is done, the company can pay them on the basis of hours worked, quality of project , time taken etc. This proves to be very economical and saves cost. On the other hand paying an employee full time for a few hours project seems very expensive. Also a full time employee, is entitled to all the benefits that the company offers like leave salary, insurance policy, entertainment benefits. This proves uneconomical especially when the employee is not used to his full potential. 

When a full time employee is hired for short duration projects, the employee too is not very happy. We all want the confidence of something long term. When an employee his hired as a full timer and given a short duration project, he is unsure about his job or role after the completion of the project. This impacts their overall performance. They are unsure of what is coming up next, this makes them lose their confidence and their focus too. They will not be able to perform to their full potential. Also this will encourage them to look for better opportunities elsewhere. They don’t feel committed to the overall vision of the company, as they are on short term projects. 

The best solution to make it work for both the company and the employee is to hire full time employees for long term based projects. This will ensure that they are used to their full potential and the salary paid is justified. If the company has to take up short duration projects, what’s economical is to hire temporary employees to do the job. This works best for both the company and the employee. 

Hence, It’s worth hiring temporary staff for short term projects by involving temporary staffing services like FeedMyPockets which deploys companies with temporary workers on hourly wages which is absolutely cost effective and economically feasible.


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