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Customer Acquisition Strategies

What is customer acquisition?

In simple terms it means to acquire the new clients or customers to your business. The purpose is to acquire new clients systematically and sustain them for long term basis which in turn will evolve and add to the growth of the business.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.7)

There are many strategies in place to achieve this :-

1. Know your target customers:-

Remember that all consumers are not your customers. You need to know who will be the users of your product and service. Customer acquisition can be an expensive task, and if not utilized properly the effort and money is wasted. Hence knowing who is your target customers and focusing only on them is key. This way your not wasting your time on everyone, unless you have a universal product that suits all age groups and sexes equally. Once you have your target audience, it easier to focus and maintain them. You can have a more streamlined approach, as your focus is now limited.

2. Make your presence:-

Once you have your target customers ready, you need to make your presence known. Since you know who are your customers you will know where you can find most of them. Based on that you need to make your presence felt either online, offline or both. Unless people are aware of your product or service no one can use it. So creating awareness is key. You can set up a marketing team to ensure your able to reach out to maximum customers.

3. Marketing and social media:-

Marketing plays a key role in any brand building, but it equally plays an important role in acquiring customers. They are the team, which actually have hands on experience of reaching out to customers in its true sense. They meet the customers, know their opinion can take feedback. Hence having a strong marketing team in place is essential to build a strong customer base.

Online marketing and using social media is inevitable in today’s e-commerce generation. We must leverage on the power of social media to make our presence felt. There are many ways this can be achieved too. Video marketing is one way, as we all know seeing is believing. Advertisements have the power to make an impact and that’s why businesses all round the globe spend so much on advertisement. Content marketing is another way to make your presence felt. Having your blogs or content published periodically can have a huge impact on your audience. Having online campaigns, online product launches, can also be a great way to use social media and make your presence be felt.

4. Search engine optimisation:-

We all know the power of the internet and its power to impact our businesses. Hence once you have made your presence socially, it’s time to show up in the search engine. This seems easy but requires some amount of effort. Ensure your website, content and everything you do online, has the required keywords. This will help your products or services to show up faster. You got to be up in this game, as no one bothers looking beyond the top 5 search results.

5. Referral program:-

Customers bring more customers. We all know this golden rule, yet take this very lightly. Everyone refers everything if they are happy and satisfied with it. Hence your satisfied customers are your best resources to bring in more business and more customers. Word of mouth is a powerful tool when it comes to brand building. Having a referral voucher, bonus, payback, gift coupons always keeps customers happy and motivated to bring in more customers. It gives you that edge amongst your competitors. So having a good referral program always works in favour of building big.

In addition to the above have a strategy that is flexible and is suited for your brand. Ensure its demographically feasible, what suits one region may not be suitable for another location. Always remember there is no one fixed plan or strategy for customer acquisition, there are many factors to consider and what works for one may or may not work for you. But the key is to keep trying and keep acquiring new customers because customers are the true asset for any business to grow.

Hence for better customer acquisition, approach FeedMyPockets which deploys temporary staff to promote and explain your brands and mob app or website, survey on your products which helps to reach the targeted audience.


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