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Promoters in customer acquisition

Looking for promoters to build your customers, we have them.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.10)

Promoters are those marketing professionals that have in-depth knowledge of the product or service they are promoting. They know all the features of the product and they are responsible for creating the brand awareness and in turn acquire more customers.

Thus promoters play a crucial role in any brand building. But these days hiring potential promoters are becoming very difficult for most companies. The reason being as a promoter you got to be ready for any marketing strategy and got to be focused on your goal of acquiring more customers. Thus companies need proactive, approachable and focused promoters. Also promoters need to be people who can think out of the box and have hands on experience in dealing with clients and their queries. Also companies need to spend on training their promoters on the strategy and the products. All this seems a tedious process for any company without being sure of the outcome too. So what do companies do to solve this ?

In today’s millennial world a few young entrepreneurs, have realized this issue head on and hence are providing solutions for any company’s staffing needs. Yes you read it right, just contact them with your need and they will provide you with the required resources. Companies like feed my pockets, not only take care of your temp staffing needs but also trains the temporary employee to be suitable for the job. Thus saving the company the hassles of hiring and training. These new age startups seem like a breath of fresh air, to solve the existing problem and hence allowing companies to grow and reach new heights.


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