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Why do FMCG companies need samplers to outreach their brand?

What are FMCG companies?

These are companies manufacturing fast moving consumer goods like confectioneries, cosmetics, soft drinks, toiletries to name a few. Their goods often have a small shelf live and are fast moving. By the name itself we can understand these products are in high demand and are universal in nature. This makes every brand manufacturing them even more competitive and have to be up on their game constantly.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.11)

For any brand building, the target is the customers. The more the customers the more the sales the more productive is the company. Advertisement and social media marketing play a crucial role in creating an awareness and launching a new product. But just having an exceptional eye catching advertisement, is it good enough? No, not at all. Because through an advertisement, your just creating awareness. Your not reaching out to the customers. So the next major step in brand building is reaching out to the target customers.

There are many ways to reach out, but one of the best and most effective ways is through sampling. Sampling plays a crucial role and has had quite a success rate in the past as well. The reason for it to be so effective is the customers actually understand what the product is. They get the actual look and feel of the product. They know exactly what they are getting for the amount paid. They are practically using the product and understand your offering. Hence the chances of them becoming your customers is very high.

Thus FMCG companies need samplers to build their brand and mainly to reach out to their potential customers. Samplers play a crucial role too, as they are the face of the company. They represent the brand. Also they are the ones that directly interact with the customers. Hence having proactive and energetic samplers play a vital role in brand building.

Also as we know FMCG companies are the ones that are faced with maximum competition. Even if there is a new product launched today, it doesn’t take more than a couple of weeks for the competitors to replicate the same product. In such a fast paced competitive environment, the only way FMCG companies can have an upper hand is through sampling; As they are directly reaching to their targeted customers. Hence to give them an edge over their competitors sampling is key.

Also when we enter any supermarket, we have an array of products lined up. This creates confusion and customers are mostly unsure of which suits them best. Amongst the aisles of products lined up, if you have a separate counter where your product samples are there, it grabs any customers attention. For brand building any attention is good attention. Even if customers miss your products on the shelves, having an enthusiastic sampler for your brand, ensures your product is not missed by your potential customers. Hence samplers play a key role.

Thus as we can see, brand building for FMCG companies is very critical for the company to survive and grow. In this fast paced and competitive environment creating a global, personalized reach is crucial. This can only be achieved by hiring the right kind of samplers or even better contacting temporary staffing companies like FeedMyPockets to hire and train samplers to build your brand.


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