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How companies manage getting more telecallers during crunch time?

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.12)

Telemarketing is a marketing technique where tele callers make direct calls to potential customers. They market the companies product or service using a phone or fax. This is used by companies who want to directly market their products to the target customers.

The role of a tele caller is not limited to just making a direct sales call to customers, but also to make calls to ask for feedback, to give information about a new feature, a new product, to handle customer requests as well as to handle any customer service. Thus they play multiple roles and are key individuals for any company. They are the ones that talk to the end-user so they represent the brand indirectly. Thus companies got to hire efficient and effective telecallers.

During crunch times, it gets very difficult for companies to hire enough of telecallers. As the demand is more and the supply is less. All companies need telecallers, hence hiring so many telecallers is a challenge. The other challenge is they are not required, their role is very time bound. For example telecallers are needed more during a new product launch or during a survey. At other times they might not be needed as much. This is the challenge companies face and hence they usually face a deficit of telecallers.

Few companies have hired BPO’s to manage their telemarketing. But again the BPO companies too are faced with the same challenge. The only way companies as well as BPO’s can face this situation is approach companies that provide staffing solutions.

Yes , you read it right, there are new age startups that have realized this gap and help companies by providing temporary staff during crunch times. This is a great way to help companies during crunch times. These companies not only provide staff but also train them as per the job role. They ensure to hire individuals who are willing to do the job rather than hire employees who are forced to do the job. They leverage upon those individuals and professionals who either have taken a break from full time jobs and are willing to work part time. Hence their staffs are highly enthusiastic and motivated. This helps the company immensely too as it is highly cost effective. Thus solving the company’s major problem of being staff deficit as well as over paying. These temp staffing companies like FeedMypockets are the true and best solution for any company to manage their telecallers especially during crunch times.


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