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Why companies need data entry executives for temp time?

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.13)

Data entry is one of the most valuable assets of any company. Having the right data recorded helps in the growth and productivity of the organisation. The data recorded can range from vast options like company’s contracts, invoices, bills, bank statements, minutes of the meeting etc. Thus data entry plays a crucial role for all businesses and hiring data entry executives is inevitable.

Data entry executives are those professionals that help in maintaining the accuracy of the data they record. Their role is very crucial, as it involves paying attention to detail, being error free and maintaining accuracy. Any mistake will lead to a huge loss and cost the company heavily.

For any startup, hiring data entry executives becomes mandatory to record all the data and maintain everything from the beginning. But as the company grows, the role of a data entry executive becomes redundant and is not much needed, unless in few occasions. Thanks to technology today, all data can be accessed easily and maintained effectively. The same data can be reused as per need. Thus at many times companies feel they are overpaying data entry executives. But in certain occasions, their roles are very important and they become key individuals during these times. For example situations when a company is launching a new brand, data entry executives are needed to record all details about the brand. When a company is offering a new feature, data entry executives are needed to record the company’s progress with the new feature. When a company is conducting a survey, data entry executives are needed to record the customers input. When a company is offering some customer benefits, data entry executives are needed to record if the offering was profitable or not. Thus we can see how the data recorded by these data entry executives holds importance and is needed for the future growth of any organisation. But unfortunately their work is time bound after which their work gets redundant.

The best solution for companies is to hire them when there is a need. How can companies achieve this? As whenever there is a requirement for data entry executives, those are the times when companies are planning something big for their future growth. Focusing on the hiring process, of these executives will turn their focus from the main plan. Also it’s a long process as these individuals got to be really efficient. Fortunately to take care of this challenge there are few new age companies like FeedMyPockets that provide temporary staffing. Yes absolutely correct, these companies provide other companies with the required amount of staff for the duration they need. So everything is as per the company’s discretion, without bothering about the hiring hassles.

This way the company gets to hire data entry executives when they need for the duration they need. After which the company can decide to hire temp staff on their payroll or release them until another need comes up. This is a win- win situation for the company and is highly cost effective. Data entry executives are key individuals for the company, what better if we can hire them as per the company’s need.


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