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Order pickers in warehouse

Looking for order pickers to manage your storage? we have them for you.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.17)

Order pickers are those individuals that manage the order tickets. They are in charge of maintaining all the products in the warehouse and dispatching them as per the order. They sort the goods, stack them up in the warehouse and pick them up as per the need for delivery.

The other key responsibilities they need to handle include to pull out those goods from the shelves based on the order. Hence they need to maintain accuracy. They need to sort them out on the basis of what the need is. They must also help in wrapping the goods for delivery. They must maintain safety standards as goods are stacked up to high levels. They must help in loading of delivery vehicles. So basically they need to take care of the products from the time they enter the warehouse till they are dispatched for delivery.

The challenge companies face today is that these individuals got to be young and physically very fit. As the job does require a lot of manual work and climbing up and down. Also the number of people required for maintaining one warehouse is huge. Thus companies are not able to hire the required amount of efficient pickers.

Fortunately there are few new entrepreneurs who have realized this challenge and have set up a company to provide temporary staffing solutions.Yes few companies like FeedMyPockets has taken it up on them to help companies with their hiring process. All you need to do is inform them your requirement and they will supply you with the required manpower. This way you need not worry about the tedious hiring process as interviewing these individuals is quite a task. Thus the best solution is to leave it to FeedMyPockets to take care of the hiring process while you can focus on your business. This will help companies to stay focused on their main plan and is highly cost effective too.


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