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Why Do E-commerce Relay On Temp Staff In Their Warehouse?

E-commerce is a small word but is practically ruling the world today. Everything is e-commerce and if it is not it’s almost outdated. Thus every company has to have an e-commerce solution if they want to survive and make their presence felt. E-commerce is growing and is growing faster than ever before. And why wouldn’t it, as it is faster, cheaper and efficient.

The concern that e-commerce companies face is that they have to have huge warehouse setups, to store and deliver their products. The biggest concern they face is inventory management. Every customer seeks for a better solution in terms of fast delivery, better packaging etc. Hence companies got to have a good warehousing management system.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.19)

Businesses in e-commerce is not the same all round the year. They have their peak season and off season too. Hence their warehouse management needs appropriate staffing according to the demand. What works best is for them to leverage on temporary staffing solutions like FeedMyPockets to ensures that during peak seasons they have staff to complete their task and during off peak seasons they are not simply paying employees salary. Hence its a win win situation for them.

Benefits of hiring temporary staff is that their orders can be completed on time. During peak seasons there are a lot of manual work that needs to be taken care of and this can be done by hiring temporary staff. Warehouse management has so much of movement of goods especially during sales and festive season, temporary staff help manage the movement. Temporary staff can help in packaging, auditing, delivery, accounting, managing returns, delays etc. All these things can be taken care of by them. Hiring a full time employee, all round the year to do these manual jobs is not cost effective. As the company wouldn’t need so many employees all through the year. So when business is peak and movement of products is more, having temporary staff works best.

Nowadays there are companies who provide these temporary staff. This makes it even easier for the e- commerce companies. As these companies not only provide temporary staff, but also train them as per your requirement. Also these staff are young, energetic and flexible to take on any job as per need. So the best solution for e-commerce companies to increase productivity and maintain credibility is to hire temporary staff for their warehouse management.


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