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How Field Marketers can Impact in Acquiring Customers?

Looking out for field marketers to build your customer base? Look no more.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.25)

Field marketers are direct representatives of the brand they represent. Hence they play a crucial role in brand building. They are the face of the company and are the ones responsible for creating the brand awareness. This is generally done in public places where the reach is vast and is done through campaigns, drives, offers etc. Thus as you can see, the field marketer, must not only be knowledgeable about the brand but also have a full proof plan of how he/she will create the brand awareness. They must also be proactive and be approachable as they meet the end users. Basically they are the liaison between the manufacturer and end user. Hence hiring the suitable field marketers is crucial.

Many companies face this challenge in hiring the suitable field marketers. As you can see the role is multifaceted and requires someone who act according to the situation. An unsuitable field marketer, not only harms the brand image , but also costs the company heavily as conducting these onsite campaigns are an expensive affair. Also hiring someone who has prior experience in the means chosen to create awareness is a huge advantage as they can interpret any loopholes and overcome any challenges faced.

Thus what is ideal for companies to do is to take the help of companies providing staffing solutions. This way they can get the right candidate who is trained to do the job. Also they can hire these candidates for one drive or campaign and judge their performance. If they are happy, they can always hire them on a full time basis or for the next brand building campaign. The biggest advantage is that these candidates are trained to do the job and have relevant experience in the field. This is highly cost effective as companies need not spend on the hiring process nor do they have to go through the tedious hiring process.

Companies like FeedMyPockets, takes care of everything. Just give them your need and they will find the field marketers for you to build your brand. Where ever you choose too and however you wish too. Give them your specifications and sit back and watch them build your brand with their trained and experienced field marketers.


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