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What is FeedMyPockets and how is it helping businesses in short term projects?

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.29)

FeedMyPockets is one of a kind new age startup. The reason I say one of a kind is because it caters to every other company. How ? When any individual decides to get into entrepreneurship and starts a company they will face a lot of challenges, one such challenge they face is hiring and manpower. Even if you’re an existing multinational company manpower is an ongoing challenge. FeedMyPockets realizes that and provides promising solutions to solve this challenge. Hence they are a solution providing company to every other company.

FeedMyPockets basically provides temporary staffing solutions. In today’s error of gig economy temporary staffing is the ideal way to move ahead, and that’s what FeedMyPockets does. They provide customized solutions to your hiring concerns, so that you as a company are never under staffed. They take care of the rigorous hiring process and provide quality staff. Apart from that they also train the staff as per your requirement. Thus ensuring to take care of your hiring and staffing process.

All you need to do as a company is, contact them with your requirement and watch them do the job for you. They will scrutinize several employees and recruit the best that suits your need. Once selected they will train them as per your requirement. With their highly effective real time tracking system in place you can watch your staff work and track their work on real time basis. The entire model is designed and executed in such a way, that it is not only friendly but cost effective too. Thus saving companies huge amounts of time and money.

Every business has its time. There are peak and off peak seasons. In case this doesn’t hold true for your business, than there are seasons where you would like to scale up your ongoing business sales, or you would like to make some offers to customers, or you would like to expand and either make a new product launch or add a new feature. All these projects, though short term are very crucial for any business and cannot be avoided. At the same time you require more manpower to be able to manage these projects. It is such a key and crucial time FeedMyPockets comes to your rescue and takes care of the extra manpower needed.

Temporary staff

You can contact them for all your staffing solutions and they will help you with the best possible solution. But if you’re looking for temporary staffing be it hourly, weekly, monthly or quarterly they for sure can provide you the required staff. If your looking at acquiring more customers, they have brand promoters, brand ambassadors, field executives at your disposal. If your looking at sampling operations, they have product samplers, stockers, retail staff etc. If you need more staff to manage your warehouse operations, they have loaders, packers, labellers etc. If your looking at delivery they have delivery boys. If you need customer service, they provide data entry, telecallers, admin interns, document controller. If you need to conduct events or BTL marketing they provide anchors, promoters, distributors, kiosk managers etc. You name the marketing technique and they will provide the team to execute it.

Running successfully for the past 3 plus years, FeedMyPockets is a company that is here to stay and grow to new heights within its 5 year benchmark. They have changed the way companies look at the hassles of temporary staffing. Hence to their credit they have big multinationals like Amazon, Uber Eats, Zomato partnering with them. After all with over 300 plus clients served, 350000 working hours successfully delivered, branches in 7 cities across India who would not won’t to partner with the best staffing solutions company. FeedMyPockets has a proven track record and continues to contribute to help the economy by providing employment and as well as companies by providing staffing solutions. Staffing concerns, not any more, contact FeedMyPockets.


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