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How E- Commerce balance between the Demand and Supply to enhance core competitive force?

E- commerce is where the future growth is for any business. Every company is trying to make their foothold stronger in the e-commerce platform. Every customer wants to leverage on the benefits that e- commerce has to offer. Hence e-commerce is growing and is booming like never before.

Supply chain management is the process of ensuring a smooth product flow. Right from procurement of raw materials, to manufacturing them and finally distributing and dispatching them in a streamlined way is what supply chain management is all about. For e-commerce companies where there is high demand of products, and huge movement of products from various distributors to large number of consumers supply chain plays a key role. It forms the backbone of any e-commerce company.

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Controlling procurement, managing inventory, delivery of products and services to customers form an integral part of supply chain in an e-commerce business. Hence e-commerce companies require a lot of staff to manage the product flow at various levels. But the problem with hiring so many staff is one it is not at all cost effective, two do e-commerce companies require so much of staff all round the year. No, because if we look at the way e-commerce companies function, we will see they all have their peak seasons, or sales seasons, or offer periods. Remaining understaffed during these periods will definitely make them unproductive, but at the same time being over staffed all through the year will increase their overheads. So the best solution they can look into is temporary staffing.

Temporary staffing is the process of hiring staff when there is more workload, like peak seasons so that the companies don’t remain understaffed. After the season is over, and business is back to normal, the company can release these staff or decide to employ them based on the feasibility. This is one of the most economical and cost effective way, which ensures the smooth running of businesses even during peak seasons. Temporary staffing becomes more beneficial especially to e-commerce with respect to supply chain management as this requires staffing at various levels. So based on the demand companies can hire temporary staff to manage the smooth product flow. If they need someone to manage their warehouse for a week or so they can hire them, else if they need someone just to do delivery for a couple of hours daily they can hire them just for those hours. Thus making it very economical and feasible. Hence like supply chain being the backbone of e-commerce companies, temporary staffing acts like the bloodline of supply chain management. Not more not less just the right amount of staff to manage the job.

The only challenge that companies face with temporary staffing is that they are not in a position to hire so many temporary staff. Also they need to go through the tedious hiring process, just to hire someone for a couple of hours. This does not seem to be feasible for companies. Fortunately today there are companies who have realized this challenge and have come up with an optimum solution. They take care of the tedious hiring process and provide temporary staffing solutions to any company in need of staff. Thus solving the company’s challenge and making it cost effective. If you are an e-commerce company you definitely need to get in touch with these temporary staffing solution provider company so as to ensure you don’t remain understaffed. Business in e-commerce is quite unpredictable, hence having approach them and being prepared for peak seasons is always advisable.


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