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Why gigsters are feasible and economical?

Gigsters are those employees that work on and off projects for a short duration of time. In other words it’s a person who chooses to be employed or not employed and also chooses his job role during employment duration.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.35)

By the above definition itself we understand that gigsters are those individuals who earn an income as per their free will, as it’s not a full time or long commitment. Thus making it very fascinating and interesting for today’s millennials and giving birth to a new economy — gig economy. Yes, owing to its benefits companies today are turning to hire more gigstersthan ever before. Gig economy is also proving to be a great source of income for many youngsters today. As it gives them their free time and as well as an income source.

Gigsters are a huge value addition to any company. The reasons being :-

1. Flexibility — the biggest advantage of hiring gigsters is they are highly flexible. They come on board within a short notice and can be released after the job is done. Giving the company the flexibility to hire or not hire based on the business need.

2. Cost effective- as gigsters are hired on short term basis, they are cheaper as compared to a full time employee. Also the company pays them only for the actual work done and not the hours spent at the job. This proves to be highly cost effective for any company.

3. Reduced overheads- As a company when you hire gigsters your not entitled to pay them any benefits or compensations. There is no paid leave policy too with gigsters. All this reduces the company’s overheads.

4. Right job right talent — you are hiring the right person to do that particular job because of his/her knowledge or skill. Your not expecting him to do a job, just because you have employed him and paying him a salary. Thus ensuring that the right talent is utilised to its full potential for the right job.

5. More young and enthusiastic minds- Gigsters are not burdened by work pressure or stress, hence when there are on board they tend to be more enthusiastic and eager as compared to an existing full time employee. Thus ensuring your project is taken better care of and is completed on time.

6. More responsible and effective– Gigsters are aware that they are paid or compensated based on the work they deliver. They are also aware that they can have a reduced pay, if their work is not acceptable. Hence they always put in that extra effort to ensure they get a good compensation at the end. Also they need to have a good reputation to be assigned for the next job. Thus making them more responsible and effective employees.

7. One time hiring — hiring employees is a tall task for any company. With gigsters, if a company is happy with a particular employee they can re-hire them for a similar job role when there is a need. Thus they are ensuring that the job is done by the right person without going through the hassle of hiring process again and again.

As we can see gigsters are an asset to any company. They are the future. They are feasible, economical and highly productive. They are what suits both millennials and the company’s growth scale hence gigsters is the way forward.


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