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Shop activation would be feasible with temp staff or new age recruitment techniques.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.38)

Shop activation is a process of setting up a shop and making it available to start operations. By definition we understand that it requires a lot of manual tasks to set up a shop and make it ready for consumers to be able to shop.

Let’s look at the things required to activate a shop:-

1. Visually pleasing :- The first thing that appeals to a customer when he enters the store is the look and feel of the store. Hence when setting up a store the visual stimuli has to be taken care of.

2. Information overload :- A store got to have information of various products. But at the same time if there is too much information, it gets confusing and can be misinterpreted too. Hence stores must make sure to have just the right amount of information.

3. Product stacking :- A store is all about products and more products. But the way the products are stacked and displayed plays a crucial role to decide how a customer feels about the shopping experience. Hence stores need to take care of this while stacking their products.

4. Shelves :- A store needs to have enough shelves and racks to store their products in a neat and clean manner. For this they need to have racks that are suitable for different product range. Also the racks has to be at a considerable height , to make it easy for all customers to reach and pick.

5. Check out :- The checkout section is very important. So stores must make sure to have enough number of check out sections. They must be placed close to the exit gate for easy exit. They must be spacious enough to accommodate the customer and their trolleys.

These are few but important things to keep in mind during shop activation. If we look at these pointers we can make out that these activities are needed to be done before a shop is activated. Once the shop is activated, these tasks are not needed. Hence when any company decides to activate a shop, it makes no sense to hire full time employees. As once the shop is activated, these many employees are not needed. Thus the most sensible and cost effective way to activate a shop is to hire temporary staff or part time employees to help set up the shop. Once the shop is activated, the company can decide to retain a few staff based on the need and release the rest. Thus benefiting the company and making it more economical.

Temporary staffing proves to be the most suitable solution for any company when it comes to shop activation. Shop activation is a tedious process, but it is only for a short duration. Thus hiring employees only for this short duration makes sense and proves to be profitable too. Temporary staffing helps the company meet its goals in the most economical way possible making it an effective way of employment.


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