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Examine your stock accurately with the accomplishment of temp staff or manpower.

A company is all about the products their manufacture. Their products are what sells and it is what that builds the business for them. Hence managing these products are as important as manufacturing them. One key aspect of product management is stocking.

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Product stocking is that aspect of product management that takes place once the products are manufactured and delivered. Product stocking usually takes place in company warehouses, where the manufactured goods are stored and made ready to be dispatched batch wise according to the time stamp. Product stocking also takes place in retail outlets where products are stocked so they can be displayed accordingly in the stores.

Products once dispatched from the manufacturing unit, needs to be stored and stocked in a proper way based on their expiry dates. Hence examining the stocks periodically and conducting an audit on stocks is an important factor. If products are not stocked and dispatched properly, there are full chances of products getting spoiled or unfit for consumption. In such scenarios the company has to bear the entire expenses and it’s a huge overhead for the company. Hence examining the stocks periodically plays a very vital role for any company.

As we have seen the importance of examining the stocks, we also do realize this is a task that happens periodically, it is not a daily activity. Thus for a company to employ a full time employee for this, proves to be expensive. As the employee will not have duties to perform on a daily basis. Hence the best approach for companies is to hire temporary staff. As a company they are already aware when the stocks are manufactured and can plan accordingly for when stocks need to be examined. During this phase, they can hire temporary staff to the examination of their stocks. Once the stocks are examined and the process is done, they can release the staff and appoint them again if need be for the next stock examination. This way, they are paying the employee only for the job done. This helps in cost cutting and is a more effective way of employment as the resources are used productively.

Also if we look at stock examination process more closely. We do realize it is a long process and it requires proper checking and documentation. Also every product has a different shelf life. Hence we need to hire employees who have the background knowledge about the product and their expiry. Also it involves some amount of manual work like labeling, counting, stocking etc. Hence hiring suitable employees for the same is necessary. All these factors must be considered when hiring temporary staff, rather than assigning any full time employee to do the job. Also it benefits the company by reducing their expenses and ensuring their products are in safe hands. Thus temporary staffing is the proven solution for stock examination.


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