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How to get a digitally verified candidates at your fingertips?

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.42)

Candidate verification is a process of doing a background check to verify the employee’s details and to ensure the details provided by the employee are authentic. This is basically a pre hiring process, to ensure the candidate appointed has a clean chit and is providing the right information.

In today’s world, where recruitment is happening on a daily basis and companies are hiring huge manpower, ensuring employee verification is a must. Verification of a candidate’s background is crucial as companies must employ individuals with clean and a good background. Also in case of any illegal matters, the company holds the responsibility, hence it is always advisable for companies to do a background check before hiring anyone.

Candidate verification mostly involves the following:-

1. Educational/Professional Qualification — check their educational certificates to see if it is authentic starting from SSC level.]

2. Employment Verification — check the veracity of past employment records.

3. Professional references — check the employee background through the references provided.

4. Address verification — check the employee’s residential address is correct.

5. Criminal record verification — check to see if any criminal record pertains with respect to the employee.

6. Identification verification — checking various important identity proof such as a Driving Licence, Passport, PAN Card.

7. CIBIL check — check for their credit history and worthiness.

These are a few of the verification tests that are conducted when hiring employees. These are very important as they give detailed report about the employee and stands as proof for any future reference.

As we can see the entire process of verification is a long and multi level process. It involves a lot of time to complete it as most checks can only be verified in person. Hence companies need to have dedicated resources to help them with it. Fortunately today, there are many companies who are dedicated only for this purpose. So once you provide them your employee details, they will perform all background checks and submit you with a detailed report on their findings. Thanks to advancement in technology, these companies have many databases through which they can digitally access a lot of information about a candidate.

FeedMyPockets is one of those companies which enhances the process time and makes it easier. Also if need to be depending on the profile the candidate is being employed upon, they will do extensive background checks. They can conduct interviews too for drug screening, psychological screening, behavioral screening, stress endurance etc. Contacting such companies proves to be beneficial for the hiring company, as such a long and tedious process is taken care of. In a span of 10–15 days the employee report is produced to you. Thus reducing the time and cost which otherwise the hiring company will have to bare. Thanks to these companies that employee verification can be done so easily.


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