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How Gen Z with qualified skills is better than permanent staff?

Gen Z is a term basically referred to for the millennial generation. It is a term used to refer to the younger generation. Today with the changing world and boom in digitization, the way employment is done is also changing. The millennial generation does not like being hired for a full time employment. Gone are the days when a secure 9–5 job was a prestigious thing. Today millennials want to explore and do much more than just a job, giving rise to another term called Gigsters.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.43)

Gigsters are these young Gen Z employees, who take on a job for a short duration of time. Once the job is done they choose to either take a break from employment or choose to take up another job as per their comfort. This entire process is booming and is building a new economy called gig economy. So basically the Gen Z chooses what kind of employment they want and for how long. This entire set up proves to be beneficial not just for the Gen Z but also for the companies hiring them.

The major benefit of hiring them, is that they are all qualified professionals. Hence when they take on a job, they have the right knowledge needed. Also for the Gen Z it’s more or less like a first time employment, hence they always want to perform and prove themselves. If we compare the same with a full time employee, they are more bored with the routine and have settled in the company. Hence being complacent is quite natural for them as compared to the Gen Z. Also, Gen Z employees are not burdened with other work related stress and issues, they are only concerned with their job. Hence they remain more focused as compared to a full time employee. A Gen Z employee is hired because of their knowledge and skills hence no or very little time is spent by companies on their training process, unlike the full time employees. A Gen Z employee is also excited and is happy for getting employment, so it’s more like an opportunity for them whereas for a full time employee it’s just another job. Hence the attitude with which both look at a task is completely different, giving Gen Z a more chance to be hired.

Thus as we can see, the need for any company is to have qualified resources to do their jobs. What better can a company ask for, when they can hire qualified resources just for the job and release them post completion. The company doesn’t have to pay for the work hours, employee benefits, leaves, pensions etc. They only pay for the work done, once it is completed. Hence it’s a complete win-win situation for any company to hire Gen Z employees rather than hiring full time employees. This helps reduce their overheads and also ensures more productivity. Thus hiring qualified Gen Z staff is always better and profitable instead of full time employees.


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