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Trained mixed collar employees are comparatively productive.

Mixed collars are those categories of employees, that do both white and blue collared jobs. White collared jobs include mainly desk related jobs. Blue collared jobs include more of manual and physical jobs. White collared employees are mostly in the top management whereas the blue collared employees are labor class employees.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.44)

Mixed collar employees are those employees that do both desk and manual jobs. They are those employees that form a major part of any corporate as they are in a position to do both the jobs. There is no clear cut definition about their job role and hence they are very crucial for any company. If these employees are trained than they are even more beneficial for the organisation.

Let us look at mixed collar job roles more closely. If we look at a company who wants to run a marketing campaign for the launch of their new product, mixed collar jobs employees play a major role. They are the ones who will plan and execute the entire campaign. The planning process is more linked to white collared jobs while the execution process is more linked to blue collared jobs. But during a campaign we can never be certain of who does what. Hence employees are required to do both referring them to mixed collared employees. If these employees are given training about the brand and the product they are an asset to any organisation and more productive than anyone .

A white collared employee may or may not be able to do manual jobs like packaging, labeling, product sorting, auditing, sampling etc. Where as a trained mixed collar employee will definitely be able to do these jobs easily. In the same way a blue collared employee might not be able to do jobs like talking to customers, explaining about the brand or product, taking feedback, or any other promotions. But a mixed collar employee can certainly do these jobs with a little bit of training. Hence as we can see mixed collar employees are capable of doing both white and blue collared jobs efficiently and very crucial for any company.

Mixed collar employees are the way forward with respect to recruitment for any organisation. They are the way in which future employment will take place. As we have seen they are definitely an asset and if they are trained properly they are a huge benefit too. They are those employees that will ensure the work is done irrespective of which category of work it is. Hence mixed collar employees are definitely more productive. Companies like FeedMyPockets helps to recruit digitally verified and trained mixed collars.


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