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Digitally verified mixed collars are important in authentication.

For any organisation having employees who are verified is very important. Employee verification is a pre requisite before hiring any employee on board. It ensures the company and all its employees are authentic.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.45)

Verification of employees is a pre hiring process where various details of employees are checked to ensure an employee with the right and clean background are hired. This is a long and multiple step procedure. As it involves personally verifying the authenticity of the various proofs produced by the employee. This verification ranges from checking educational certificates, experience certificates, identity proof, address checks, credit checks etc. Thanks to digitization there are various databases that helps achieve the same very fast.

Mixed collar employees are those employees that are capable of doing both white and blue collared jobs. They are those employees that do not have a defined job role and do whatever job is required to be done for the project completion. Hence they are very beneficial for any company.

If these mixed collar employees are digitally verified this helps the company massively. As they have an authentic manpower which is capable to do any required job as per the need. Also for other companies and vendors who want to get associated with the company, it acts as a plus point. The shareholders of the company feel confident to invest in such companies. Hence as a company they must assure to take the pains to get all their employees verified. For this there are many verification companies who does the job. In addition if these employees can cater to mixed collar jobs than its extremely beneficial.

Authentication for any company is an added advantage. Having digitally verified employees makes authentication easier. As a company a lot of authenticity depends on the manpower they employee. If all the employees are digitally verified, than authenticity is no more a concern. Hence confirming digitally verified mixed collars play a crucial role for authentication . Companies like FeedMyPockets helps in deploying digitally verified mixed collars.


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