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Is product samplers effective to enhance the brand?

FeedMypockets – Gig Economy (Vol.46)

Product samplers are those individuals that help in brand promotion. How? They are the ones that do the main job of directly reaching out to potential clients and converting them to loyal customers.

Their basic role involves to be brand ambassadors of the product they are promoting by reaching out to as many customers as possible and providing them with product samples. So they are the key link between a product purchase and the customers.

They really make an impact when a new brand or product is launched. Because as a customer, they don’t have any idea about the new product. It is only when product samplers approach them with samples, they get the exact look and feel of the product. This makes it easier for a customer to know what they are buying. Thus helping in brand building.

The major benefits of hiring product samplers are they are the ones who help in creating brand awareness. They take the product to the customers and they don’t wait for customers to reach their products. This benefits the customers too as they are able to judge and know the product even before making a purchase. They are able to decide on a product without making any spend. Also customers feel important as they are reached out to and handed over with samples.

The other benefits is product samplers are able to directly meet customers. Hence they are able to talk to customers about the product and take feedback as well. They will know exactly what a customer feels about the product. This helps the company if any improvisation is needed. Also companies will know how their product is perceived and it’s market value too. Customers opinions on other factors such as pricing, quality, packaging can be known directly. Thus confirming that product samplers are a huge asset to a company and help in brand building.

Product samplers also play a key role as they can also play the role of promoters. In such a situation they can enhance the brand value majorly and talk to customers directly. They can convince customers and assure them about the brand. This helps to build trust factor and increase customer loyalty. They can also assist customers with any queries they have and immediately provide them with solutions. Thus adding on to brand image.

Also we must not forget that most of the product samplers are stationed in big retail outlets and supermarkets. These are the locations where there is a maximum of potential customers. Hence capitalizing on such locations is very important. This can be done only with the help of product samplers, as they go and approach all the people and convert them into loyal customers. Thus hire  product samplers who play a vital role and are very effective for any brand building from manpower agencies like FeedMyPockets.


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