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Emphasis of gigsters in event marketing as event staff/crew.

Event marketing is a marketing technique used by companies to promote a new brand or product or service. It generally involves direct interaction of the brand representatives with the potential customers.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.50)

It is mostly a promotional strategy used by companies for a brand promotion, where the companies representatives get to directly interact with customers and promote their products. Event marketing takes place at special events like concerts, shows or parties to reach out to target customers. In event marketing generally a product demo, a product samples or product quality is shown.

The advantage of conducting an event marketing is that the company can directly interact with their target customers. It adds value to the customers beyond just giving them product information. It makes the customer to feel important. It gives customers an additional benefit as they get to know the product they are investing in fully.

As we can see above that event marketing is very beneficial for any brand promotion and hence many companies opt to conduct them regularly. In order to conduct these event marketing successfully companies need to hire good and capable employees. But as we know these marketing events don’t happen on a daily basis and hence hiring full time employees for the same doesn’t make sense. In such a scenario the best solution is for companies to hire gigsters.

Gigsters are those individuals who work on different projects for a short duration of time or until the project is completed. After which they take on new job roles based on their interest and availability. They are the best solution for event marketing as they are available for such short term projects. Once the marketing campaign is done gigsters can be released and rehired for the next marketing event. This benefits the company immensely as they are paying the gigsters only for the duration of work they are doing. Also they are not paying anyone when there is no event happening.

During a marketing event a lot of staff are required to do a lot of small time physical jobs. Staff are required to manage the set up as well. Staff are needed for providing samples and demos too. Thus companies need to ensure they have enough manpower to handle all these scenarios. It is not feasible for any company to hire employees for each of these tasks. This is where gigsters play an important role. They can be easily hired as well as be hired in large numbers too. They are also professionally capable to handle any job role to ensure that a marketing event is successful.

Employing gigsters for marketing events is the best and most suitable solution. It is highly cost effective and efficient way of employment. Gigsters will be more productive too as compared to full time employees as they are recruited for only that specific task. Thus employing gigsters helps companies to improve their productivity as well as being more economical. When it comes to event marketing, gigsters are the perfect solution as they will ensure the success of the event as well as they are highly cost effective.


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