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Temp staff are utilitarian for front desk registration during event marketing.

Event marketing is a marketing technique used by companies for promotional purposes. It is basically done to promote a new brand or a product launch.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.51)

In an event marketing process, the company’s representatives gets to directly interact with their potential customers. It is where there is a front desk receptionist from the company who manages the customers and ensures they are attended to by the representative properly.

Event marketing events don’t occur on a daily basis. It happens only when a company wants to launch a new product or promote a new service. Hence hiring full time employees to manage an event marketing is not a feasible solution for any company. Moreover it is highly an expensive affair and increases the company’s overheads. The best solution for any company is to hire temp staff for the same. Especially for managing the front desk operations.

The basic role for temp staff in front desk operations will include to manage the smooth running of the entire event. To meet and greet their potential customers. To record data of all the customers they meet. To record any feedback or suggestions. To ensure the look and feel of the brand is neat and impressive for any customer. To maintain cleanliness and order.

Benefits of hiring temp staff for event marketing is firstly, since event marketing is not a daily event, temp staff proves beneficial as they can be appointed only when an event happens. When there is no event they can be released. Hence saving the company a lot of money and reducing their overheads. Secondly, the front desk jobs involves menial jobs like managing the front desk, greeting customers, recording data and there is no need to appoint a professional for the same. Hiring such employees through temp staffing is easier and is more economical. Thirdly, the front desk employees may not have all the product or brand knowledge, hence hiring temp staff is better as it’s easier to train them. Fourthly, if the company is happy with the staff they can rehire them for the next event easily or if need be they can be hired for full time employment without going through the entire hiring process. Fifth, hiring temp staff is an economical way of staffing as it cuts cost massively and ensures that the company is paying for only the service it has received.

Thus as we can see for any marketing event hiring temp staff is more economical and productive. Especially when it comes to jobs like front desk operations, utilization of temp staff is more feasible and more beneficial for any company.


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