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Lead generation would be easier with part time freelancers.

Lead generation is a term used in the marketing process. It is the initiation of consumer interest or product enquiry into the brand or service provided by a company. Leads are created to target potential customers into loyal clients. Lead generation helps the company to increase their client database.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.52)

Lead generation can be achieved through many ways one such way is with the help of advertisement. There are other organic methods used to generate leads which include via the internet, through telephone, email marketing, personal referrals etc. For such approaches companies need manpower and resources to help achieve the same. But employing a full time employee to generate leads makes no sense as it is not feasible for 1 single employee to generate leads on a daily basis. It is not an ongoing activity. Thus for any company appointing freelancers for lead generation is more feasible.

Freelancers are those individuals who work on a particular task for a fixed duration of time. They are like self employed individuals who are on a contract with a company for completion of a particular task. They are not committed to the company hiring them, they are committed to the task assigned.

For any company who is looking at generating leads for their products, appointing freelancers for the same makes more sense. It proves to be more economical and helps company reduce costs. Freelancers will be more focused to complete the task as this is the reason they are paid for. Hence they are more productive as well. Companies will only be paying them for the number of leads they have generated or for a fixed duration of time. This helps company to reduce their overheads and is highly cost effective. Freelancers are aware of how the leads can be generated and need no training on the same. Hence they are faster to generate leads. Freelancers have more time in comparison with other full time employees and hence they can focus better to generate more leads. Freelancers are target oriented. Overall hiring freelancers is what seems as a sensible way of employment.

Freelancing ensures that the work is done within the given time and the company is paying only for the work done. Also the company pays only once the job is done and the company is satisfied with the end results. For most freelancers there is a contract signed stating the end result and the compensation to be paid. Hence there is no misjudgment and the company knows what they will receive at the end. This proves to be very productive for any company. They know what they are paying for.

Thus as we can see freelancing is the best solution when it comes to lead generation for any company. It proves to be beneficial and economical for the hiring company. Thus lead generation would be easier by appointing freelancers.


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