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How gigsters can influence offline campaign effectively.

Gigsters are those individuals who choose to work according to their time frame. They work on part time projects for various companies and are not permanent employees of a single company. They are self employed individuals who have a contract with the company offering them the task. Once the task is completed they switch to other companies for other projects.

Gigsters have a huge role to play in offline marketing and campaigns. Offline campaign is a marketing campaign used by companies without the help of the internet. It is a promotion strategy used by companies to market their product or services without using internet. It is used to grab the attention of those people who are in the vicinity of the chosen offline campaign.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.54)

Offline campaign is a very effective form of marketing and there are various ways in which it can be achieved. Any marketing channel used to create a brand awareness other than the internet is termed as offline marketing. This includes radio, media, print adverts, billboards, signs, pamphlets, telemarketing etc.

Benefits of offline marketing include :-

1. It’s easy and can be executed at a short notice.

2. Companies can be as creative they want and can impress their clients accordingly.

3. It is important for creating loyalty schemes with customers.

4. Provides customers with something tangible.

5. Helps to build customer relationship.

6. Helps to create an impact which stays longer.

As we can see, offline marketing is an important aspect of any marketing campaign. But we got to be aware that whichever offline campaign a company chooses, they are all short term based. Thus employing a full time employee for the same makes no sense. Here is where gigsters help. They are professionals who are experienced in handling offline campaigns. Hence employing them for offline campaign is a smart solution and is what works beneficial for the company as well.

When gigsters are appointed for offline campaign, they are already professional and hence companies need not spend on training them. They are more focused on getting results and are time oriented. Hence proving to be more productive. They are paid only for the work they do. This helps the company save a lot of money and reduces their overheads. Employing gigsters for offline campaign not only proves economical for the company but also helps them save on cost and time. Thus gigsters are a potential to any company who chooses offline campaign for marketing their brand.


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