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How does the manpower agencies serve their clients?

Manpower agencies are those companies that provide employment services. They act as a bridge between the individuals looking for employment with the businesses that require their services.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.58)

Their main role is to help individuals find suitable jobs and to help businesses or employers to find suitable employees to complete the task. Hence they are always on a lookout to find new connections and expand their database.

There are a few ways any manpower agency can use to get new clients:-

1. Using job portals — this is one way where manpower agencies can get new clients. Job portals gives them a chance to get connected to employers as well as job seekers. So staying attentive on job portals helps.

2. Using social media — we cannot deny how efficient social media is when it comes to connecting and meeting new people. Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are the best ways to reach out to new clients.

3. Email or SMS marketing — using these digital platforms is another option to connect to new clients. The percentage of outcome might be less in such cases, but these are very low cost and less time taking approaches.

4. Cold calling — this is an old school method of reaching out to new clients. Again the conversion rate might be less but it’s a highly cost-effective way.

5. Referral marketing — this aspect of getting new clients is a tested method with high conversion rates. Getting new clients through your references and other contacts is a huge benefit. Giving them some benefits for referring boosts them as well, to get future references.

In addition to the above mentioned approaches, manpower agencies can keep the following in mind to get more clients. They must ensure to know who their target audiences are. Knowing your target audience benefits as you can post some relevant information that will attract them. Being socially active is another aspect to consider. Having a good webpage, posting content or blogs regularly, having a good LinkedIn profile helps. Going to events and fairs and creating awareness about your company is also another way you can reach out to more clients.

As a manpower agency, the main lifeline of your company is getting more clients. Hence ensure you pay close attention to all the information you gather. Keep in touch with other manpower agencies to learn how you can improvise. Do whatever it takes to expand your database. And the key is to keep trying because of how many ever clients you have it’s never enough.


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