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How does the manpower agency connect employees and companies?

manpower agency is an expert in their field who provides advice or guidance to companies and individuals. Unlike an employee, a manpower agency is hired as a third party contractor and typically works with a business or individual on a short term basis to address a specific issue.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.59)

The manpower agency does exactly the same. They act as a common platform wherein they connect various employees to various employers. Their main role is to help companies fulfill their employment needs and to help individuals get employed. Hence they have two customers one is the client and the second is the candidate.

For any manpower agency to be able to do business they need to ensure that they are able to fulfill the needs of both their customers. Being able to help the right candidate get recruited into the right job is a lengthy process. How they successfully achieve this is as follows.

First, they need to ensure they are having enough companies who know about the services they provide. Once the company is aware and wants to hire new employees, the company contacts them. They need to understand exactly for what position the company is hiring and the defined job role. They also need to know what compensation the company is ready to pay for the job position. Once this information is got they prepare the job posting. They must ensure to get into a contract with the company to know how much they are paid if they help the company find the right candidate. This completes their first step.

The second step involves finding the right candidate. This is quite a challenge because they need to sort and scrutinize only one candidate from so many. Also, they need to have enough candidates so that they can select the most suitable. If they have very few candidates selecting is faster but, might not be the right candidate. To help increase their candidate database manpower agencies use various methods. Common things they use to select the right candidate is other job portals and social media platforms. The other mediums used are job fairs, headhunting, references, campus placements. Once this database is collected they need to sort the profiles as per the job role. So they start screening all the profiles to identify the profiles that are matching with the job description. The next step is to connect with these candidates and fix a meeting. This meeting is like an interview itself, but it is more generic. It is to understand if the candidate understands the job role and is suitable for the same. Based on this interview few profiles are shortlisted. The shortlisted profiles are sent to the concerned company. Post this based on the company’s decision an interview is scheduled. In some cases, the final interview is done by the company or by the manpower agency itself. This decision is taken up by the company.

This is the process used by most of the manpower agencies to connect the right candidate to the right company. As we can see it is a long process and requires a lot of attention to detail. It also involves correct communication as two parties are involved. Hence manpower agency needs to first ensure they have employed the right individuals, who help with recruitment efficiently and effectively.


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