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Intelligence on the structure of a promoter.

Promoters are those individuals that are employed to promote a brand or product. By definition, they are the ones who represent the brand and their main aim is to promote their brand to various customers.

promoter is a marketing professional responsible for demonstrating the features of a product to a client or an audience. They show the product features, how it works, it’s uses and benefits. Their aim is to help potential clients become their brand’s loyal customers. They also handle customer queries.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.60)

As a promoter, the following are the job structure

• Having in-depth knowledge about the product, it’s benefits, it’s uses, it’s drawbacks.

• Having a fair amount of knowledge about the competitor’s product.

• Knowing the product pricing and its cost-effectiveness.

• Being able to explain all the product features to an individual customer or a group of customers.

• Provide assistance in helping customers make the right choice.

• Being friendly and approachable with good communication skills.

• Being presentable and being able to acknowledge customers.

• Be able to build a relationship with customers and keep in touch with potential customers.

• Being innovative and finding creative ways to present a product.

• Set up booths or promotional stands during a marketing event.

• Be able to distribute flyers, samples and product brochures.

• Being able to send a report with proper updates and track the same for future reference.

The above are the requirements for any promoter to be able to function well and to add value to the company employing them.


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