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What are the main steps in recruitment?

Recruitment is a process of finding and attracting the potential resources for filling up the vacant positions in an organization. It recruits the candidates with the abilities and potential, that are needed to complete the task and hence achieve the objectives of the organization.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.62)

Recruitment is a lengthy process that begins with identifying the need for recruitment, analyzing and planning, publishing the recruitment details, screening all the potential applicants, shortlisting the selected applicants and finally employing the right candidate.

Let’s look in detail at each of these main steps involved in recruitment:-

1. Identifying the need- first and foremost activity in recruitment is to identify if there is a need for new recruitment. For this they need to identify the vacancy and what job roles are unattended to because of the vacancy. Once they are sure that new recruitment is needed to fulfill job roles, then it’s confirmed that there is a need to recruit.

2. Analyzing and planning- the second step is to strategically plan the recruitment. This is the most important phase because in this phase the company analysis how many positions are vacant, in which category of management these vacancies belong too, in which department there is a shortage. Apart from this, they need to have well-defined job roles and responsibilities. They need to know what education qualification is suitable for the job role. They need to quantify the number of years of experience needed. They need to fix their budget for the recruitment process and for the salary. They need to know the time duration by when the employee has to start. All the details pertaining to recruiting a potential employee is planned in this phase.

3. Publishing the vacancy- no company on their own can recruit employees. They will need the help of job portals, their networks, references, social media or placement cells to help. Hence it is very important to have a good relationship with various manpower agencies and job portals. They need to be precise with their information about the qualities they are looking for in the potential employee. This makes it easier for manpower agencies to recruit the right candidate for the company.

4. Screening- the next major step in recruitment is to screen all the potential list of candidates. Based on the manpower agency’s results, the company has to take the final call for the recruitment. For this, they need to screen all the potential candidates and see which is most suitable for the final round of interview.

5. Interview and employment- the last round of recruitment involves conducting the final round of interviews and then employing a suitable candidate. This step is crucial as all the important details about the employment policy and benefits are discussed in this phase.

These are the main steps involved in recruitment. Recruitment is an important step in any organization and it needs to be done very carefully by paying a lot of attention to detail.


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