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Temporary staffs are considerably younger than the generality of workers.

Temporary staffing is a concept of employment wherein employees are appointed for a short duration of time. Or in other words, they are appointed for a particular project and once that is done they are released. Temporary staffing is like appointing freelancers and self-employed individuals on a contract for a particular task.

Temporary staffing has come into existence for long, but it was mostly termed as part-time jobs. In yesteryears, part-time jobs were nothing but a full-time job performed for a lesser duration of working hours. It was mostly done by women or individuals who couldn’t devote their entire time to the work. In our yesteryears, this concept was not taken down well and not only did individuals but companies too never preferred hiring part-time employees. In previous times people believed in the concept of having a stable and secure income through a job. Once an individual got a job in a particular company, they would not leave the company until retirement. This was the mindset and attitude of the people earlier.

FeedMypockets – Gig Economy (Vol.64)

Today with changing times, everything has changed and so has the way employment is been done. In today’s times, there are new-age employment concepts like freelancers, gigsters, etc. The millennial generation does not believe in being bounded and compelled. They want freedom and want to live life on their terms. Hence the best solution for them is temporary staffing or freelancing. In such a case they get the freedom to work when they want to and can take a break as well when they wish to. It gives them the advantage of being employed and being free too. Also, the compensation they receive is quite good, and in addition, they get the benefit of being able to work as per their will. Also, they are not compelled to work on projects that don’t interest them. In addition to that, they are able to earn as well as pursue any of their passions or studies in their spare time. Hence through temporary staffing, they are able to achieve what they want too, and hence it is becoming very common amongst youngsters.

The other benefits the younger generation wants which temporary staffing helps them with is –

• Ability to choose their working hours.

• More career options.

• Easy to switch between companies and projects.

• Ability to pursue studies or passions.

• Ability to have more than one income source.

• Ability to travel and explore.

• Ability to experiment.

• Ability to make new connections and network better.

• Suitable for their lifestyle and attitude.

• More freedom.

These are the main reasons why youngsters prefer temporary employment. And due to this, it has given rise to a new economy called the gig economy. Thustemporary staffing is gaining more prominence than ever before and is preferred by youngsters as it suits their style.


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