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Benefits of part-time jobs for students.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.66)

Part-time jobs are jobs that require an employee to work for a shorter duration of time, than what a full-time employee works for. Generally, if an employee works less than 30-35 hours per week it is considered part-time employment.

Thanks to this concept, it has benefited many young professionals especially students. Due to this option, they can pursue their studies as well as be employed. This helps them majorly as they can begin to earn quite young. Students need not wait to complete their graduation in order to start earning, due to part-time jobs they can do both work and earn.

What are the benefits of part-time jobs offer to students:-

1. Earn extra money- being a student means little or no money, thanks to part-time jobs it helps you earn money as you study.

2. Learn to manage money- as a consistent part-time employee, you begin to earn well. This helps you to learn to save and have better money management skills from a young age.

3. New skills- through a part-time job, you have access to learn new skills and improve your knowledge. Most of these skills are never taught in colleges.

4. More confident- as a student your exposure to other people is limited. With the help of a part-time job, you get to interact and network with more people, which makes you more confident.

5. Develop interpersonal skills- as a student you are in a restricted environment, with a part-time job you gain access to various environments and people, helping you to develop your overall interpersonal skills.

6. More independent- part-time jobs teach you how to manage your time, money and other duties. Making you more responsible and independent.

7. Time management- as a part-time employee, your biggest challenge will be to learn how to manage your time effectively. Especially during exam times. This will help you improve your time management skills.

8. Build your professional network- through a part-time job, you will be able to meet a large number of professionals. This always helps, as they can give you good references for your future.

9. New people and friends- a part-time job helps you to network better and make new friends. It helps to improve your social contacts across various different types of people.

10. Work experience- the biggest advantage of a part-time job is it gives you work experience. This adds credibility to your resume and helps to get better job prospects in the future.

As we can see above there are various benefits from a part-time job. As a student, you have limited options and resources. Hence leveraging on part-time jobs is the best solution for you to increase your options and improve your finances as well.


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