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Internship — that grew into part-time jobs.

An internship is an opportunity offered by an employer to potential employees, called interns, to work at a firm for a fixed duration of time. Interns are usually undergraduates or students, and most internships last anywhere between a month to six months’ time duration.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.67)

These are the following benefits an intern gets when they take up an internship program:-

1. A structured work experience related to their field or career goals.

2. An experience that can be used to enhance the weight of their resume.

3. An opportunity to learn new skills and increase your knowledge base.

4. A mentor to coach and guide on all aspects.

5. A workplace environment to work on the ground.

6. Overall personality development and skill enhancement.

7. A place to make more contacts and friends.

part-time job is a job done by an employee for a shorter duration of time in comparison with the time put in by a full-time employee.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy

Let’s see the difference between an internship program and part-time jobs.

• Internship is more or less like a temporary training program conducted for undergraduates whereas part-time jobs are jobs an employee bags but work for a shorter duration of time.

• Internship is usually temporary whereas part-time jobs are not.

• Internship is usually unpaid whereas part-time jobs are paid employment services.

• Internship focuses more on learning and training whereas part-time jobs focus more on the job being done.

• Internships are mostly within the student’s area of study whereas part-time jobs could be in different areas.

As we can see above there is a difference between an internship and part-time jobs. But currently, students are preferring to take up part-time jobs rather than an internship program. The main reason for this is as follows:-

• Internship gives them more knowledge in their field of expertise but part-time jobs give them knowledge about other fields as well.

• Internship is a temporary program but part-time jobs can be for the long term.

• Through an internship program scope for permanent employment is very less but through a part-time job, chances to get full-time employment are more.

• Internship does not add any financial gain but part-time jobs help them earn which is the biggest advantage.

• Internship is a very structured program but part-time jobs give them an experience of a real-time workplace.

• Internship doesn’t give them an opportunity to work with clients or customers but part-time jobs do give them, improving their interpersonal skills.

• Internship doesn’t give them any perks or benefits but part-time jobs give them all employee benefits.

• Internship adds little advantage on the resume but a part-time job adds higher value and benefits for future career plans.

As we can see above, how beneficial part-time jobs are in comparison with internship programs. Hence students are opting for part-time jobs more today, as it gives them much more than an internship program does. Even companies prefer to give part-time jobs rather than conduct internship programs as it is more cost-effective and also through part-time jobs, the task is getting done. Hence eventually the internship has come down and part-time jobs have taken prominence.


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