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Hourly work-a few reasons why businesses should try on-demand staffing.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.69)

On-demand staffing is a way of employment staffing, where employees are employed only if there is a demand for their skillset. So basically it means, employees work on a temporary basis, where their skillset can be used in order to complete a particular task. Once the task is done they are released, until there is a demand again.

In other words, on-demand staffing is nothing but hiring independent contractors to work for a particular project. On-demand staffing is picking up as it is the most economical way of staffing.

Let’s look at why on-demand staffing is beneficial for any business and why more businesses must consider it:-

1. Cost-effective — on-demand staffing is highly cost-effective as you employ people because there is a definite need. Also, you pay them only for the job they do, not for the hours they put in.

2. Flexibility — an employer can choose when to hire or not. If there is a need and demand they can hire. So this gives greater flexibility for the employers.

3. Risk reduction — on-demand staff are not hired by your company. So there is no risk involved while hiring them. They are on a contract and once it is done they leave, reducing risks majorly.

4. Faster hiring — we all know hiring is a lengthy process, but with on-demand staffhiring is easier and faster. Also minimizing the hiring costs for your company.

5. More productive — on-demand workers are hired to get the job done. Hence they are more focused to complete their jobs. This helps to increase the overall productivity of your business.

6. Covered always — when you choose on-demand staffing, you are never understaffed. In case of any unforeseen situations, on-demand workers will always be there to give their helping hand.

7. More talent — through on-demand staffing you get to interact with new people and new talent. Their skills could prove beneficial for your business growth.

8. Reduced HR time — hiring is a huge responsibility and involves a long process. Thanks to on-demand staffing the HR department is relieved from this lengthy and tiresome process giving them more time to focus on other aspects.

9. Easy hiring — on-demand staffing is a very easy way of hiring. Just by publishing the demand that is needed suitable staff will come to you. Hence it is easier and is also cheaper.

As we can see above, on demand staffing is the smart way of staffing. As a company, you’re getting people to do a job, only when there is a job. If there is no job, there is no employment happening. Hence as a company, you are saving on expenses, increasing your productivity and being more efficient. Hence every business must give on demand staffing a try.


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