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What are the services provided by manpower agencies ?

Manpower agencies are companies that provide placement services. Their main objective is to help individuals who are seeking employment get placed in good organizations with suitable job profiles. In other words, these companies help organizations with their human resources.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.74)

Manpower agency is also called ‘ Employment Agencies’. It deals with hiring skilled workers that is human capital. In short manpower agency matches employer to employees. They help in finding the right talent for any company or organization.

From the above definition, it is clear that manpower agencies act as a 3rd party between the employer and employee. Hence as a company, they need to deal with two clients simultaneously and find the right match between them, if possible. Let’s look at other services a manpower agency provides:-

For an organization:-

1. Provides human resources — a manpower agency’s main role is to provide you with your major resource that is human resources. This helps organizations so that they are never understaffed.

2. Recruitment taken care — we all know that hiring is a long and tedious process. As a company when you approach a manpower agency, they will act as your HR department and conduct the entire recruitment process. This helps you save time and is cost-effective too.

3. Flexibility — when you approach a manpower agency for your recruitment needs, it gives you more flexibility and you have more options to choose from. You can state your conditions and clauses too.

4. Reduced risks — a manpower agency takes the entire responsibility of hiring, reducing your risks of hiring the wrong candidate.

For a jobseeker:-

1. Suitable employment — if you are a job seeker, the first right thing to do is approach a manpower agency. They have a huge network and through their experience will help you find a suitable job at the earliest.

2. Training — many manpower agencies, provide individuals with various training. This helps them be more competent and ready for the job role.

3. Right compensation — a manpower agency knows the standard market compensation, so when you approach them, they will guide you and help you find jobs with the right compensation.

4. Flexibility — manpower agency gives you the flexibility to choose from various companies, various job opportunities. They also will take care of your requirements like part-time, or temporary employment.

These are the major services that any manpower agency provides. Apart from these a few manpower agency also helps you with your resume writing. Few of them conduct mock interviews and general discussion rounds, to help you gain more confidence and improve your language skills. Few manpower agencies also hire candidates for their own use. Few manpower agencies also do an executive search, to help you find the right top management for your company. They also help you with your in-house recruitment or if you’re conducting a recruitment drive. They also help you find employment for other locations and other time periods like night shifts or weekend shifts.

Thus manpower agencies have an important role to play when it comes to recruitment. They act as that bridge which helps employers to reach out to good resources and employees to reach out to suitable employment opportunities.


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