Different ways to create effective shop activation.

Shop activation is a process of getting your shop ready for operations. Shop activation involves a series of steps to be followed as it is a long process with many aspects to be taken care of.

The following guidelines will help you activate your shop effectively

But before we get into the guidelines, you must be aware of the following:-

1. You know what exactly your shop is selling.

2. You know who your target customers are.

3. You know what is the best pricing for your products sold.

4. You know your competitors, especially in your locality.

5. You know who will be operating in your shop.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.77)

Once the above questions are answered, activating your shop gets easier. Here are the guidelines:-

1. Name your shop — having a proper and unique name that suits your business and is related to it makes more sense. Ensure to keep it simple but meaningful.

2. Legal checks — after you have decided on the name, ensure all legal checks have been done. Get your business license and all other approvals well in time before you activate your shop.

3. Location — you might not have complete control over this. But ensuring your shop is in the right location, where you can reach your target customers better is a great way to do business successfully.

4. Vendor management — before you activate your shop, know who your vendor and suppliers are. Having a healthy relationship with vendors is important for future business collaboration.

5. Marketing opportunities — have a proper marketing plan in place, before you activate your shop. This makes it easier to target your clients. Having an opening day offer or discount attracts more customers.

6. Team hiring — ensure you have your team who will be operating the store ready for the shop activation. Hiring the right people and making them present for the shop opening is a great way for customers to know your team and build a relationship.

7. Personalized experience — before activating your shop for customers, have a personal experience yourself. Get to know how a customer will feel when they enter your shop and if the experience is satisfying.

8. Grand opening — ensure to have a grand opening. Ensure to invite all your friends and your network. Invite your team and their friends as well. Inviting your vendors and suppliers as well is important. Everyone and anyone getting to know your shop presence and what it offers is important for business.

These are the few steps to consider before you activate your shop. Remember activating your shop is just the beginning, conducting business in an ethical and professional manner is what will lead to successful growth.

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