Emphasis of gigsters in event marketing as event staff/crew.

Event marketing is a marketing technique used by companies to promote a new brand or product or service. It generally involves direct interaction of the brand representatives with the potential customers. It is mostly a promotional strategy used by companies for a brand promotion, where the companies representatives get to directly interact with customers and promote their products. Event […]

Primacy of interns in all the sectors.

Interns are those individuals who have just completed their graduation or who are yet to be graduated, but willing to work on any assignment for a minimum pay. So basically they are ready to do any assignment voluntarily. By the above definition itself we realize hiring interns can be a boon to any company. Let’s look at […]

How temp staff are effectual for vendor onboarding?

Vendor onboarding is a process of gathering all the data and documents needed to set up a company as an approved vendor. As a company when you want to on board a company as a vendor there will be a standard operating procedure with various checklists that need to be carried out. This process requires a […]

Promoter agencies are proficient to achieve your marketing campaign.

Promoters or promoter agencies are those individuals that help in promoting a brand. They are the ones involved in brand development and brand awareness. Hence they play a key role to accelerate sales and brand building. Companies conduct marketing campaigns in order to launch a new product or brand. The first step post the product launch is product […]

Why gigsters are feasible and economical?

Gigsters are those employees that work on and off projects for a short duration of time. In other words it’s a person who chooses to be employed or not employed and also chooses his job role during employment duration. By the above definition itself we understand that gigsters are those individuals who earn an income as per their […]

How mixed collars can productively assist your short term projects?

As per the previous classifications there are two major job classifications. One is white collared jobs and the second one is blue collared jobs. White collar jobs are referred to desk jobs whereas blue collar jobs are referred to physical labor kind of jobs. Currently the situations have changed massively and so has the job roles and responsibilities. […]

How companies are using millennials for on-ground execution?

Millennials is a term referred to a group of people who are young and just about to complete their education. They are commonly known as Gen Y. By the definition itself we understand this group of people are young and energetic and mostly fresher’s. Hence they are willing to take on any opportunity a company offers them […]

Gain the asset of Customer Acquisition Drive with Temp Staff.

Customer acquisition is key for any business to grow and maintain themselves. It is the key factor that influences productivity and longevity of any company. For this reason companies conduct various drives, campaigns and surveys to acquire more customers. They basically do everything they can in order to reach out to more customers. But the challenge […]

How temporary staffing agencies are helping companies in improving supply chain?

Temporary staffing is that process which ensures companies are not understaffed during peak seasons and at the same time it ensures companies are not increasing their overheads by paying salary to those staff whose services are not needed during off peak seasons. By this definition itself we understand that temporary staffing is a boon to any company and […]

How Field Marketers can Impact in Acquiring Customers?

Looking out for field marketers to build your customer base? Look no more. Field marketers are direct representatives of the brand they represent. Hence they play a crucial role in brand building. They are the face of the company and are the ones responsible for creating the brand awareness. This is generally done in public places where the […]

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