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Merchant servicing agent in food chain and retail industry

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.15)

Need merchants agents to service and manage your products? we have them.

Merchant agents are those individuals that take care of your products once they are manufactured till they reach the retail outlets. In most cases, once the product is manufactured at the manufacturing unit they are not directly sent to the retail outlets. There are stored and stocked and also shipped to various regions. All these are done by merchant servicing agents. So maintaining and taking care of the products with proper quality checking is what merchant agents do.

Thus we can see they have a huge role to play in building the brand and keeping up the brand image. They are the ones responsible for doing a proper quality check and having an ISO attached to the product. Thus their work is crucial. Also they should have good knowledge about all the products they are dealing with. As every product needs to be handled differently. Products cannot be mixed up and stored. They need to be sorted and stored separately as per the guidelines. Having a right merchant servicing agent is as crucial as having the right employees.

Hiring or partnering with good and efficient merchant servicing agents is very important for any company. But their roles and responsibilities are so massive that it keeps changing as per the need. It’s more on the job learning. Hence having fixed rules to hire them becomes a real challenge for companies. As there is no way in which companies can ever judge their caliber unless tried. Fortunately there are companies who take care of this.

Yes, there are a few young entrepreneurs who have realized the challenges that companies are facing with getting the right merchant servicing agents. Hence they have taken up the onus on them to find the right agent for your companies. Few companies like FeedMyPockets have gone a step further wherein they find Temp Staff who have had an experience and also provide the required training if they see a gap. Thus ensuring your company and products gets the right and best merchant servicing agents.


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