Benefits of hiring contract workers.

Contract workers are employees who work under a contract for an employer. They are hired for a specific task at a fixed rate of pay. A contract employee doesn’t become a regular addition to the staff and is not considered a permanent employee. Contract workers are a great way to ensure that there is no shortage of manpower when […]

How temp staff can assist food technology for food packaging?

Food packaging is a process of packaging food contents in a way that the food quality is maintained, it’s safe and hygienic until it is consumed. Food packaging forms an integral part of food technology as it is what, that gets delivered finally to the consumer. Few factors that we need to consider for food packaging […]

Trained mixed collar employees are comparatively productive.

Mixed collars are those categories of employees, that do both white and blue collared jobs. White collared jobs include mainly desk related jobs. Blue collared jobs include more of manual and physical jobs. White collared employees are mostly in the top management whereas the blue collared employees are labor class employees. Mixed collar employees are those employees […]

How Gen Z with qualified skills is better than permanent staff?

Gen Z is a term basically referred to for the millennial generation. It is a term used to refer to the younger generation. Today with the changing world and boom in digitization, the way employment is done is also changing. The millennial generation does not like being hired for a full time employment. Gone are the days when a […]

How to get a digitally verified candidates at your fingertips?

Candidate verification is a process of doing a background check to verify the employee’s details and to ensure the details provided by the employee are authentic. This is basically a pre hiring process, to ensure the candidate appointed has a clean chit and is providing the right information. In today’s world, where recruitment is happening […]

How temp staff are effectual for vendor onboarding?

Vendor onboarding is a process of gathering all the data and documents needed to set up a company as an approved vendor. As a company when you want to on board a company as a vendor there will be a standard operating procedure with various checklists that need to be carried out. This process requires a […]

Exploit manpower agency and execute your campaigns accordingly.

Manpower agency are those companies that provide other companies or businesses with manpower. In other words they provide employees for you to execute a particular job or task at hand. Their basic role is to supply you with enough people for employment purposes. As a company when you decide to do a marketing campaign, there are […]

Gain the asset of Customer Acquisition Drive with Temp Staff.

Customer acquisition is key for any business to grow and maintain themselves. It is the key factor that influences productivity and longevity of any company. For this reason companies conduct various drives, campaigns and surveys to acquire more customers. They basically do everything they can in order to reach out to more customers. But the challenge […]

Strike of Field Marketers

Field marketers are direct representatives of the brand they represent. Hence they play a crucial role in brand building. They are the face of the company and are the ones responsible for creating the brand awareness. This is generally done in public places where the reach is vast and is done through campaigns, drives, offers etc. […]

What is FeedMyPockets and how is it helping businesses in short term projects?

FeedMyPockets is one of a kind new age startup. The reason I say one of a kind is because it caters to every other company. How ? When any individual decides to get into entrepreneurship and starts a company they will face a lot of challenges, one such challenge they face is hiring and manpower. Even […]

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