Different ways to create effective shop activation.

Shop activation is a process of getting your shop ready for operations. Shop activation involves a series of steps to be followed as it is a long process with many aspects to be taken care of. The following guidelines will help you activate your shop effectively But before we get into the guidelines, you must be […]

What are the services provided by manpower agencies ?

Manpower agencies are companies that provide placement services. Their main objective is to help individuals who are seeking employment get placed in good organizations with suitable job profiles. In other words, these companies help organizations with their human resources. Manpower agency is also called ‘ Employment Agencies’. It deals with hiring skilled workers that is human capital. In short manpower […]

Mixed collars-what is the best way to make mixed collar relationship work.

As per the employment structure, there are two major collar jobs that is white-collar jobs and blue-collar jobs. White-collar jobs refer to employees who do desk jobs and blue-collar refers to employees who do field jobs. Nowadays, the employment structure is changing. The market trends are constantly changing and have become too demanding, to keep […]

Hourly work-a few reasons why businesses should try on-demand staffing.

On-demand staffing is a way of employment staffing, where employees are employed only if there is a demand for their skillset. So basically it means, employees work on a temporary basis, where their skillset can be used in order to complete a particular task. Once the task is done they are released, until there is a […]

What role will human resources perform?

Human resources -HR is a department within a business, that is responsible for all work-related things. This includes recruiting, vetting, selecting, hiring, on-boarding, training, paying, promoting and firing employees and independent contractors. Other resources simply don’t have that capacity. Let’s look at a few of the key roles performed by HR personnel:- 1. Recruitment — when we think […]

What are the main steps in recruitment?

Recruitment is a process of finding and attracting the potential resources for filling up the vacant positions in an organization. It recruits the candidates with the abilities and potential, that are needed to complete the task and hence achieve the objectives of the organization. Recruitment is a lengthy process that begins with identifying the need for recruitment, analyzing […]

What kind of manpower you need to make your business more effective?

Manpower is another term for human resources. It basically involves the people who make the workforce in an organization. It is the total supply of personnel available to complete a particular task. By the above definition, we understand that manpower is the lifeline of any organization. A strong and professional manpower is a boon to any organization. Manpower […]

How does the manpower agency connect employees and companies?

A manpower agency is an expert in their field who provides advice or guidance to companies and individuals. Unlike an employee, a manpower agency is hired as a third party contractor and typically works with a business or individual on a short term basis to address a specific issue. The manpower agency does exactly the same. They act as […]

Strike of Field Marketers

Field marketers are direct representatives of the brand they represent. Hence they play a crucial role in brand building. They are the face of the company and are the ones responsible for creating the brand awareness. This is generally done in public places where the reach is vast and is done through campaigns, drives, offers etc. […]

What is FeedMyPockets and how is it helping businesses in short term projects?

FeedMyPockets is one of a kind new age startup. The reason I say one of a kind is because it caters to every other company. How ? When any individual decides to get into entrepreneurship and starts a company they will face a lot of challenges, one such challenge they face is hiring and manpower. Even […]

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