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What kind of manpower you need to make your business more effective?

Manpower is another term for human resources. It basically involves the people who make the workforce in an organization. It is the total supply of personnel available to complete a particular task.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.61)

By the above definition, we understand that manpower is the lifeline of any organization. A strong and professional manpower is a boon to any organization. Manpower is the most crucial resource for any organization to function properly and achieve high productivity.

Every organization recognizes this and hence they take a lot of care during the hiring process. Companies spend a huge amount on the hiring process. Most companies have a team called as human resource department, whose main role is to help companies recruit the right professionals for the right task. The entire hiring process is done in multiple phases and is a lengthy process as every company knows how important it is to hire the right manpower.

Few things to consider while hiring the manpower to make your business more productive and effective:-

1. Education and qualification- education is something that stands with us for a long time. No amount of knowledge is less and no knowledge is useless. Knowledge always comes handy. Hence make sure you are hiring qualifies manpower.

2. Experience matters- to ensure your manpower is effective, make sure they have some amount of experience in the same field. This helps as they know what it is to work and how to work.

3. Look for professionals- Hiring professionals might be expensive, but professionals have expert knowledge in their respective fields. Hence hiring them makes more sense to your business.

4. Define the job role and responsibilities clearly- during the hiring process, ensure to clearly define the employee’s job roles and responsibilities. Knowing what is expected from them is one way they stay focused and be more productive.

5. Set weekly goals- everyone gets complacent at some point. Having a tracker to check on weekly or periodic goals is one way to ensure the employees are doing the job right. This makes them more responsible and accountable in helping businesses grow effectively.

6. Background check and verification- during the hiring process ensure the employee’s background check is done. Hiring unethical and unlawful employees do no good for any organization.

7. References matter- always check on the references provided by the employee. It helps to know the employees better and what to expect from them.

8. Neat and presentable employees- cleanliness and neatness might not have anything related to your business. But hiring a presentable and neat employee talks a lot about their nature and attitude.

9. Communication skills- in today’s era, whichever job role you are doing, you will need to communicate. As an employee, you will need to be understood by other employees, clients, customers, etc. If an employee cannot communicate well, the effectiveness of their task reduces vastly.

10. Technologically sound- in today’s changing times, we are more dependant on technology than anything else. As per the job requirements, ensure that the employee has the basic technical skills required.

11. Enthusiastic and positive attitude- in whichever field we are, no one likes a dull and gloomy person. Ensure your manpower is enthusiastic, willing to learn and contribute.

12. Motivation and more motivation- how much ever is said is less when it comes to motivation. If your manpower is motivated they will be willing to go the extra mile to make your business productive. So ensure to employ motivated individuals and as a company always try to increase their motivation levels.

These are a few tips to keep in mind while hiring manpower. Manpower is the link between any company and its productivity, so make sure you hire effectively.


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