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Managing Promoters or Manpower in Events.

Promoters are those professionals that use different marketing techniques to market a company’s product or service to build a brand. They basically represent the brand of the company and promote the product to customers. They help in creating brand awareness and brand building.

Manpower on the other hand is a more generic term used for any workforce deployed to do a certain task or work. They comprise of all those individuals that are engaged in completing a task. They could be professionals as well as laborers, helpers etc.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.21)

During events both promoters and manpower personnel play crucial roles. For companies to execute and conduct an event both are required. Companies need to manage both, as in the event there are many things to be taken care of. These menial things, requires manpower. They might not be crucial but are important for an event to take place. On the other hand managing promoters become crucial as they are the ones who promote the product. They are the highlight of the event.

For an event to be successful, a company must-have surplus manpower. As these are the people that manage the event for the company. They are there from the start to the end and ensure the smooth running of an event. Hence companies must ensure they have surplus manpower rather than having a deficit. In the course of an event we cannot predict certain happenings, but if companies have surplus manpower any shortcomings can be managed easily. Also in an event crowd management becomes very important. Because an event is conducted for the crowd or customers. If they are not taken care of it will affect the brand image. Manpower helps in managing and maintaining the crowd.

An event will be as successful as the attitude and personality of the promoter promoting the product. A good promoter with a pleasing personality, friendly and having enough knowledge about the product always helps in building a good brand image. A promoter must have good communication skills and must be able to attract more customers and convert them into clients. In an event they are the ones that represent the brand and they become the face of the company. Hence companies got to hire professional and experienced promoters.

As we can see the role of promoters and manpower personnel is needed more during an event than other times. This is the challenge companies face today, they are forced to hire these staff and don’t use them unless they have an event. The best way to overcome this challenge is to approach companies like FeedMyPockets that provide temporary staffing solutions. How does this help?

When a company is going to conduct an event , they can contact these companies providing temp staff. They can hire the required manpower as well as promoters for the course of the event. Once the event is done they can be released. This acts as a powerful and economical model for any company. This way they are not overpaying, neither are they under staffed. This helps the company and is highly cost effective. Thus enabling companies to manage both manpower and promoters in an event.


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