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Retail auditors in FMCG

FMCG companies facing shortage of retail auditors?? we have them.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.24)

Retail auditors are those professionals that basically manage the stock at the retail outlets with the company’s records. They are in charge of everything about the company’s stock in a retail outlets. They provide information about the brand’s sales volume, the trending sales techniques, the in store display effectiveness and overall stock management. Thus retail auditors are important for any company but more so for FMCG companies which depend highly on retail stores for their product sales.

Auditing the various stocks, in all the retail stores allocated to them. Matching the stocks with the company’s records. Checking for any damage or wrong stock. Realizing any issue with a particular stock. Clearance of stock in a timely manner. Documenting and proper reporting. Talking and managing various other resources. Informing and reporting to the higher authorities these are key functionalities that a retail auditor needs to perform.

As we can see, these professionals need to be very efficient and good at their work. Hence conducting interviews and hiring these professionals is a tedious task for any company. So what can companies do? They can leverage upon staffing solution companies that conduct interviews and takes care of the entire hiring process. All they need to do is contact such companies and inform them their requirements. These staffing solution companies will hire the employees on their behalf . Once the audit is done the company can choose to hire the staff based on their requirement or release them as per their needs. This is very effective and saves the company huge costs and the tedious process. Few companies like FeedMyPockets not only conduct interviews and hire the staff for you, but also train them. Thus helping the company to hire retail auditors hassle free.


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