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How companies are using millennials for on-ground execution?

Millennials is a term referred to a group of people who are young and just about to complete their education. They are commonly known as Gen Y. By the definition itself we understand this group of people are young and energetic and mostly fresher’s. Hence they are willing to take on any opportunity a company offers them ,so that they can gain experience.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.33)

These millennials are a boon to any company, as they are young, their minds are fresh and they are very enthusiastic to take on new challenges. Hence they play a key role to help companies with marketing, tele calling, warehouse management, product stocking, packaging, sampling, product delivery, data entry, promoters etc. These jobs are not very complex in nature yet play a major role for any company.

If we look at most of these job roles closely, we understand that they don’t require expertise knowledge. They are quite simple and easy to execute jobs. Also most of these jobs are short term jobs. As much as these jobs are crucial they are not needed by a company. The need varies depending on the business. The other factor to note is that these jobs are mostly on ground jobs. Hence they require people who are active and on the go. They require people who understand the current market trends and who better than millennials understand trends. Also they are very well socially connected and hence they can have a huge impact on sales through word of mouth. Also most of these jobs are not preferred by employees with experience. And in case they do agree too, they will not agree for the salary that the millennials will agree for. Costing the company to pay more for the same job.

Considering all the above factors, companies today and reaching out to millennials for many on the field jobs. When they have to run a promotional campaign, for events or drives. When they want to launch a new product and want samplers to distribute their products. When they want to do brand building and need promoters. During a sale or exhibition when they want to host a temporary stall. During peak seasons they need extra staff for stock and warehouse management. During offer seasons or new product updates they need tele callers to inform their target customers. During festive seasons they need delivery boys. Hence, as you can see, a company can make good use of the millennial generation to execute various business functions at different levels.

The only concern with this approach is where do companies go to recruit the right candidate for the right job and how to manage them as the number required is quite huge. Fortunately there a few new age companies who have realized this concern and have come to solve it. They hire the suitable candidate as per the required job roles. All you need to do is contact them with the job requirements and the number of candidates you require. They will take care of everything else. Companies like FeedMyPockets go a step further and provide training as well based on the job they are recruited for. Thus solving all the concerns a company faces with millennials hiring and management.


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