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How mixed collars can productively assist your short term projects?

As per the previous classifications there are two major job classifications. One is white collared jobs and the second one is blue collared jobs. White collar jobs are referred to desk jobs whereas blue collar jobs are referred to physical labor kind of jobs.

Currently the situations have changed massively and so has the job roles and responsibilities. Hence it is very difficult to have a clear classification with respect to a job. Employees are expected to do a job, as long as it proves beneficial to the company. Thus bringing into light what is called a mixed collar job.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.34)

Mixed collar jobs don’t have a clear well defined definition. They are jobs that include some amount of physical labor as well as some amount of clerical desk jobs. But they are jobs that form an integral part of major projects and act as a major resource to any company. They are the jobs that require attention to detail and which ensures the company doesn’t pay any overheads.

To understand how mixed collar jobs help a company, let’s take a case study of an FMCG company which is doing a new product launch. Now in such a scenario the main decision of how the product launch must happen, when it should happen, how much is the budget required, what will be the expected outcome, how it will benefit the sales and the company, how much staff will it require; All these key functionalities are referred to as white collared jobs. Physically moving the new stock from the manufacturing unit and loading it to the shipping unit, unloading it from the shipping unit to the required wholesale retailers. This important jobs qualifies as blue collared jobs. But are these enough for a smooth business flow? Definitely not, that’s where mixed collar jobs play a key role.

Considering the same scenario, mixed collared employees will ensure to take care of building a brand image by conducting a marketing drive. Through this drive they will do clerical white collared jobs like speaking to customers, taking feedback, asking suggestions, sending them new updates etc. In addition, they will be ready to do blue collared physical jobs like sticking posters, conducting an event, distributing samples, arranging products, stocking, delivery, ensuring product visibility etc. Thus doing both or doing everything that is needed for building a brand . Hence confirming that they are the backbone to ensure the successful and smooth running of a project.

Mixed collared jobs are those links to ensure the business transition from one phase to another phase happens smoothly. Hence they are an asset to any company. They are the reason that a company can achieve their desired results, as these employees don’t hesitate to take on any job as per the need. They are ready to take on the challenges as their main job role is to ensure the project is completed. They prove beneficial for any project as they help in reducing overheads by taking charge. This proves to be highly cost effective to the company. Thus confirming that mixed collar jobs is an asset to any company.


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