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Primacy of interns in all the sectors.

Interns are those individuals who have just completed their graduation or who are yet to be graduated, but willing to work on any assignment for a minimum pay. So basically they are ready to do any assignment voluntarily.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.49)

By the above definition itself we realize hiring interns can be a boon to any company. Let’s look at the few major benefits of hiring interns :-

1. They have just graduated and hence can apply their knowledge easily. They can integrate whatever they have studied to practical use.

2. Interns are young and very excited about the new job role. They can be put into any task even if it involves physical activity.

3. Interns are not expensive. For the same task an intern does, hired full time employee will charge you much more. Pay to interns is very less in comparison to any other employees.

4. Interns will be ready to do any job role. They don’t have a fixed job role and can help wherever there is a need. They can be assigned various tasks.

5. Interns can be recruited to full time job roles based on the need and their performance. This saves the company the time and effort of the hiring process.

6. Interns give an advantage to any project as there are more helping hands. This benefits the company to ensure the work is done on time.

7. Interns do not require a separate training process if hired. This helps the company to save on training costs.

8. Interns have no maintenance cost. The company doesn’t pay for their leaves or any other employee benefits.

9. Interns can be shuffled to various departments of the company as per the need.

10. Interns are motivated and ready to take on any job role creating a positive environment.

As we can see these are common functionalities across all sectors. And interns can be used in any of the sectors to help companies get the job done. Thus, many companies today are looking at hiring interns. Also the companies are helping young individuals to get an opportunity and provide them with employment. Thus hiring interns is important across all sectors.


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