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Students are sent out on placements in selected companies.

Placement by definition refers to an act of placing someone in a particular job for a particular task. It is the act of placing people in the workplace to help them gain work experience.

Placements give students the opportunity to gain skills specific to their subject or industry of their choice as well as the employ ability skills required for real-life work. It also gives them knowledge of an industry or sector, so that they are better informed to make proper decisions about their future career plans.

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.65)

First, let’s look at how placements are conducted in colleges or universities. The process may vary in each college, but what is mentioned below is the generic process of how placements are conducted usually. Firstly the placement officer from the college visits the employers and gives them a brief about their students, or the employer will contact the placement officer and inform them about their requirements. If the need matches, a suitable date is decided. All the students who are eligible are informed about the placement date. Eligibility criteria varies and is decided by the employer. Some set the criteria as a particular stream, for some, it might be grades or attendance. After this, the students are given a written exam with a cut off marks needed. Students who get the cut off marks can proceed to the next round. The next round could be a GD, extempore, aptitude test whichever the employer chose. The shortlisted candidates then go for the final round which is done by the HR team. Here the compensation, joining date and other details are discussed. This is the generic process that companies use to conduct placements in colleges and universities.

What are the benefits of conducting placements-

As a company when you decide to employ students through placement cells these are benefits:-

1. Able to employ a large number of employees.

2. All employment happens under 1 roof, no need to go searching.

3. Students come to you, you need not go to them.

4. Getting the best of the lot.

5. Your future employees right from the beginning.

6. Reduces time and is highly cost-effective.

As a student these are the following benefits when you are placed:-

1. Able to get access to tier-1 companies.

2. Able to work in a team.

3. Higher chance for a permanent job offer.

4. Better insight into the workplace and industry.

5. Use your knowledge and skills in the real world. 6. Boosts your morale.

As we can see placements are beneficial to both employers and students, hence more companies must offer to conduct placements.


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