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Getting samplers for a product is a difficult task.

Worry no more, we will provide samplers for your products. 

FeedMyPockets – Gig Economy (Vol.9)

Giving away freebies, always works positively on customers, even though it’s a small sample. Anything free is always welcome by everyone. But the problem with this is, not all companies have an access or a standard way to give away these samples. To do so a trained individual called samplers are required. The problem that most companies face, is that they have many sales personnel to do the job and very few or no samplers at all. After all, hiring samplers for a long-term and paying them salary, without a new product launch is an unnecessary expenditure for any organisation. During a new product launch, the company has many other important factors to take care of and cannot spend too much of time in hiring samplers just for a short duration of time. Also the samplers need to be tested on certain qualities. We cannot just hire anyone. Samplers need to be young, energetic and proactive. They need to be outgoing and approachable. They need to have knowledge about the product and be able to answer any queries asked. Hence samplers need to be screened and then hired

The best solution to this problem is to approach companies which provide temporary staffing solutions. Because all the company needs is few samplers for a couple of months. This helps them save time from the tedious hiring process and saves them on costs. Companies like feed my pockets, not only conducts interviews but also trains the selected candidate on the product. Also due to their expertise in this process, their candidates performance is also of high standards. This is a win win situation for the company as they can focus on their product launch alone, without bothering about the samplers and dealing with them. This will save costs and in turn increases the productivity. 


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